Medical Office Manager Career in Maine – ME

Have you always dreamed of a career in management? Do you have an interest in becoming part of the fast evolving medical and health care field? If so, perhaps becoming a medical office manager is in your future. Those looking for medical office manager jobs in Maine may be surprised about the amount of positions that continue to open statewide. In fact, the Maine Department of Labor has announced its prediction that the number of actively employed medical and health services managers (medical office managers fall under this occupational umbrella) will increase from 1,607 in 2008 to 1,738 in 2018. 

The medical office manager career in Maine is not yet legally bound by educational and licensing requirements. Yet employers predominately expect employees to have some higher education, on-site training, or past work experience pertaining to the health care or medical industry prior to being hired. In Maine, approximately 50% of all medical office managers hold a master degree, 13% hold a bachelor degree, and 24% have completed some college coursework. In addition, 30% of medical office managers have three to six months of on-site training and 30% have six to eight years of related work experience. Those striving to enhance their marketability and facilitate career advancement should consider gaining medical office manager certification from the Practice Management Institute (PMI).  

Medical Office Manager Schools