Midwifery Programs in Maine

Midwifery School in Maine - ME

Under a 1978 Maine law, midwifery is not considered to be the practice of medicine. This means that Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) are not regulated by the state. However, Certified Nurse –Midwives (CNMs) are licensed and recognized as independent health care practitioners. CPMs tend to handle more home births in the state, while CNMs often work in hospitals or birthing facilities in cooperation with a physician.

If you wish to become a CPM, midwifery courses in Maine are open to anyone who is over 21 with a high school diploma. Those who wish to become a CNM must first go to nursing school and get a degree, then take graduate-level midwife courses.  While just one direct-entry midwifery school currently exists in Maine, programs can be found in neighboring states and online. Training for CPMs varies and may be completed under the apprenticeship of another CPM or in the traditional setting of an institution of higher learning. Additionally, the time spent in midwifery training varies, from one to three years. As CPMs primarily deal with low risk pregnancies and births, education focuses on normal birth processes, the care of the mother and the newborn, promoting health prenatally and postnatally, preventing complications, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and recognizing when to refer the expectant mother to a physician. 

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