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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Maine - ME

Nuclear medicine technologist schools approved in Maine include programs that offer two-year and four-year undergraduate degrees and those that offer degrees and professional certificates at the graduate level.  To qualify for licensure in Maine, future nuclear medicine technologists must complete an educational program that has the approval of the JRCNMT, the NMTCB, or the ARRT.  Performing the advanced academic work required to successfully complete a nuclear medicine technology program requires a solid grounding in the undergraduate level in the physical and biological sciences, particularly physics and anatomy, as well as advanced mathematics and statistics. 

With a solid foundation in basic math and science, students planning to become nuclear medicine technologists are ready to study such specialized subjects as radiation physics, radionuclide therapy, radiopharmaceuticals, and radiation safety.  Rigorous clinical training gives future nuclear medicine technologists experience in basic nuclear instrumentation, diagnostic imaging procedures such as PET scans, nuclear cardiology, and dosimetry. 

The need for trained and proficient nuclear medicine technologists is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future.  However, nuclear medicine is an increasingly popular field, attracting many students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.  There are many hopeful nuclear medicine technologists out there.  Distinguishing yourself from among the crowd will require excelling at your studies and obtaining the strongest training and educational credentials possible.

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