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Maine Occupational Therapist Salaries

Salary for Occupational Therapists in Maine

With eight different regions of the state, each offering unique recreational activities and historical sites, both tourists and residents of Maine will find much to occupy their time.  Maine is a state with coastlines and beaches, lakes and river, forests, mountains and 60 lighthouses for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Maine is the primary producer of blueberries – one of the “Superfoods�? and is also known for its shellfish.  In fact, Maine lobstermen trap 90 percent of the lobsters trapped in the United States.
The state of Maine also offers exciting career opportunities in many fields, including Occupational Therapy.  Some of the emerging areas for specialization in Occupational Therapy include driver rehabilitation and fall prevention training.
There are over 300 licensed and practicing Occupational Therapists in Maine.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Maine Occupational Therapist salary is $54,410 and the average income for Occupational Therapist Assistants is $32,950. 

Related field – Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) are an important part of the Occupational Therapy team. While the training process is shorter and less rigorous than that of an OT, COTAs are still expected to maintain high standards of professionalism.  COTAs in Maine must graduate from an AAS program, pass the NBCOT exam and obtain a state license and pass a criminal background check. 

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