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Personal Trainer Certification in Maine - ME

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Maine

Deciding to become a personal trainer in Maine reflects a commitment to health and wellness. Most personal trainers are skilled at motivating and challenging their clients. In Maine, personal trainers help clients obtain their fitness goals. Fitness goals depend on the client, but can include weight loss, bodybuilding, and strength and balance training. 

After deciding that a personal trainer career is right for you, the next step is to find certification programs in Maine. In Maine, personal trainer certification training programs can last a couple of days or weeks. Certification programs are available from national organizations such as the National Federation for Personal Trainers, The Aerobics and Fitness Association or the National Council on Strength and Fitness.   This is a good time to join the association that administers certification. Associations offer discounts on certification workshops or trainings to members.  In Maine, personal trainers work independently, for private health fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics and more. Many personal trainers practice in other fitness areas such as yoga or Pilates, which require additional training and certification.

After achieving personal trainer certification from an accredited national organization, the next step is to get clients.  Many personal trainers choose to join health and fitness clubs where they work one-on-one with members. Personal trainers with advanced training or education for example, in nutrition or rehabilitative therapies may work for hospitals, sports clinics or doctors’ offices where they can utilize a variety of skills.

In Maine, personal trainers that work independently or that have gained a name for themselves in the field can expect to make the most money. Those with business savvy and a desire to “be one’s own boss�? may find becoming an independent personal trainer the best fit.  Some people may also choose to have a daytime job in their field, but also work with clients independently.  The possibilities for personal training are flexible.

Personal Trainer Licensure in Maine

Licensure is given to individuals who hold certification.  Licensure is a way Maine shows that a person is lawfully able to practice a profession in the state.  There are no licensing requirements for personal trainers in Maine.  There are national certification opportunities. National certification in personal training is recommended to practice safely and effectively in the state.  For information on certification opportunities in Maine, search fitness certification websites.

Professional Personal Training Associations in Maine

Aside from national professional associations such as The National Federation of Professional Trainers or the American Fitness Professional Associates for personal trainers, there are Maine specific associations.  The Maine Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) is an association for fitness professionals in Maine.  MAHPERD promotes the health, education, fitness assessment and other activities for Mainers.  MAHPRD offers advocacy, workshops, grants and newsletters, etc. 

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