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Salaries for Personal Trainers in Maine

In 2008, there were 620 fitness trainers and aerobic instructors in Maine according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Personal trainers are included in this figure.  The average salary for fitness instructors in Maine was $32,110 or $15.44 hourly (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).  Maine’s neighbor New Hampshire, has more than double the fitness professionals at 1,710, yet the annual wage is $32,660 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).  Currently, lists the average salary for personal trainers in Maine as $45,000.

Here is a listing from of personal trainer’s earnings in major cities in Maine:

Portland, Maine personal trainer salary- $34,000
Lewiston, Maine personal trainer salary - $37,000
Bangor, Maine personal trainer salary -$45,000
Augusta, Maine personal trainer salary -$38,000

Continuing Education for Personal Trainers in Maine

Continuing education credit is required to maintain national certification. How many credits depends on what national organization provides the certification.  Many continuing education courses are offered through national associations via the web or a home study books or DVDs media.  In Maine, some employers may offer continuing education opportunities to their personal trainers.  Mainers certified in other fitness areas such as yoga or Pilates will have to contact national their certification organizations to obtain area-specific continuing education requirements.


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