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Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician in Maine – ME

Maine Pharmacy Tech Salaries

In a 2009 study, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that the average salary for a pharmacy tech in Maine settled at around $27,850 with $13.39 as the average hourly pay rate. Salaries in this field can escalate to as much as $37,200 per annum, and they do show a strong potential for growth as the demand for pharmacy techs increases.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by 25 percent over the next twenty to thirty years. This consistent and steady growth is partially due to the aging baby boomer population, who make up roughly 30–40 percent of Maine's overall population. The remaining need comes from the growing rate of overweight children, who make up 28 percent of the total child population in Maine (

When these two populations are combined with the 61.9 percent of adults in Maine who qualify as obese or overweight it is quite clear that there will be an increased need for medications that can treat all the body systems. This in turn means that a career as a pharmacy tech will be both stable and profitable, especially if a pharmacy tech pursues further education in the field.

Average Pharmacy Tech Salaries in Maine

Maine City Pharmacy Tech Salary
Bangor , ME $27,020
Lewiston-Auburn , ME $26,200
Portland-South Portland-Biddeford , ME $28,580
Portsmouth , ME $30,450
Rochester-Dover , ME $24,530
Northeast Maine nonmetropolitan area , ME $26,820
Southwest Maine nonmetropolitan area, ME $28,200

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