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Public Health Salaries in Maine

The average Maine public health salary has a wide range depending on the chosen specialty within the field.  Those who have obtained an MPH or doctorate degree will have a higher rate of pay than those with less education. 

Epidemiologists with doctorate degree can expect to earn an average annual salary of approximately $80,000, while those who have not completed a doctorate will typically earn about $50,000 annually.  Epidemiologists who pursue a professorship can see earnings well above $140,000 per year.

Medical and health service management is another option for someone interested in public health.  Public health salaries for these professionals will vary based on the institution that is being managed.  A manager of a surgical hospital can earn about $87,000 annually, while a manager of a nursing care facility may only have an earning potential of about $71,000 per year.

Dieticians and nutritionists have significantly lower earning potential which is also based on the type of facility that is being represented.  Nutritionists with outpatient care centers generally are on the higher end of the pay scale, earning an average of $52,000 per year while those working with local government programs may earn an annual salary of $47,000.

Public health salaries should be researched before deciding upon a field of study so that prospective professionals know the potential earnings.  Salary information for additional public health career choices can be found on the Bureau of Labor Statistic website at www.bls.gov.

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