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The State of Maine defines a Radiologic Technologist as an individual who practices as a radiographer, a radiation therapy technologist, or a nuclear medicine technologist.  Radiographers use ionizing radiation to diagnose illness and injury.  Radiation therapy technologists use radiation for therapeutic purposes to treat illness, such as cancer.  Nuclear medicine technologists use radio-nucleotides for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. 

The outlook for radiology technicians in Maine is very positive.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for radiology technicians will increase nearly twenty percent in the coming decade.  Growth should be especially robust in regions such as Maine, which are home to an aging population and experiencing a surge in demand for healthcare professionals in a wide range of specialties and functions.  Employment as a radiology technician provides a unique opportunity to fill a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients while participating in a cutting-edge area of medicine.  In addition, radiology technicians in Maine may join the Maine Society of Radiologic Technologists, a non-profit organization that provides professional support and resources for “rad techs�? throughout the state. 

The average Maine radiology tech salary is $47,000, according to . Major cities in Maine have a similar salary. The average Maine radiology tech salary by major city is listed below.

  • Bangor, Maine Radiology Tech  $46,000
  • Kennebunkport, Maine Radiology Tech  $39,000
  • Portland, Maine Radiology Tech  $35,000

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