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Respiratory Therapy Pay in Maine – ME

Salary for Respiratory Therapists in Maine

The average salary that a Respiratory Therapist in Maine can expect to earn annually is $53,416.00 or $25.65 per hour, according to This is higher than the overall average annual salary that a Respiratory Therapist can expect to earn in the United States. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and the 2008 Occupational Employment Statistics, it is reported that the average Respiratory Therapist in the United States earns $52,000.00 per year and/or $25.10 per hour. You will notice that the cities closest to Portland are the highest paying locations, such as Sanford at $58,000.00 per year verse the cities farthest away from Portland such as Augusta which lists at $49,000.00.

The following is a list of the twelve most populated cities in Maine and the average salary for a Respiratory Therapist in that area.

Portland - $55,000.00
Lewiston - $52,000.00
Bangor - $52,000.00
S. Portland - $54,000.00
Auburn - $52,000.00
Biddeford - $54,000.00
Brunswick - $53,000.00
Sanford - $58,000.00
Augusta - $49,000.00
Scarborough - $54,000.00
Saco - $54,000.00
Westbrook - $54,000.00

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