Salary for a Registered Nurse in Maine - ME

Maine Registered Nurses Salaries

The city-level amounts are less, sometimes significantly, than the state average in most of the cities shown.   It could be that the amounts in each city vary and the average is taken so someone could have a lower salary and someone could have a much higher salary, depending on the sector they are working in and on their employer.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary expected for a registered nurse in May of 2008, not long ago, was approximately $62,450, which is significantly more than what Maine is reporting on both a city-by-city basis and on a general statewide basis. The highest salaries nationally that the BLS is reporting are for those working for employment services with an average salary of $68,160. 

The lowest salary the BLS is reporting is for registered nurses working in nursing homes and earning annually around a salary of $57,060.  This is still quite a high salary for it being the average “low.”  Salaries between these numbers are those registered nurses working in places like hospitals, doctor’s offices, and for services that offer care to people in their homes.   The highest ten percent of those in the field of registered nursing can earn a high salary of as much as $92,240 annually.  The BLS continues to report that approximately 21% of registered nurses are in a union.  This is an added perk of being a registered nurse that is not available to all professions.

According to Indeed.com, registered nurses as a whole in Maine earn approximately $52,000.  Amounts by individual cities are as follows:

Portland:  $39,000
Lewiston:  $41,000
Bangor:  $51,000
South Portland:  $39,000
Auburn:  $41,000
Brunswick:  $40,000
Biddeford:  $39,000
Sanford:  $41,000
Augusta:  $43,000
Scarborough:  $38,000

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