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Maine Ultrasound Technician Schools - ME

Sonography is a highly technical profession in the allied healthcare discipline. It involves bouncing sound waves off bodily organs and systems in order to obtain diagnostic images of them. Sonographers help physicians diagnose all sorts of illnesses, conditions and diseases. It is a field that holds the promise of continued job growth as well. Many aspiring allied health professionals are enrolling in ultrasound schools in Maine so as to become an ultrasound technician and secure a career in a thriving industry. These schools usually offer one to two year diploma or degree programs in diagnostic medical sonography.

Some ultrasound tech schools in Maine require that students first have a minimum of a two year degree in allied health science prior to enrollment. This degree can be in any field of allied health, such as nursing assistant or aide, or respiratory therapy. Most Maine sonography schools also require that students have certification in CPR and first aid. Students will not only take sonography classes in ultrasound school but will also be exposed to real life clinical experience working under an ultrasound tech in a hospital or other medical setting. As Maine does not require its ultrasound techs to be registered, taking a national certification exam after graduation is an option but not a requirement. Some employers, however, look more highly upon job candidates who have certification than those who do not.

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