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Become a Vet Tech in Maine

Students can start preparing to become a veterinary technician in Maine by taking high school courses in biology, chemistry, and algebra. After high school is finished, post-secondary education is a must. Right now, there is only one accredited Maine vet tech program available for students looking for on-site education and training. This program is offered by a state university that awards graduates an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology Degree. This is a two-year program that not only includes an externship in a local veterinary facility and laboratory, but also qualifies students to take a state examination by the Maine Board of Veterinary Medicine. Students can expect courses that instruct in animal care and handling, anatomy and physiology, and clinical procedures and techniques.

Those looking for a wider variety of degree programs in Maine are encouraged to take advantage of several online training opportunities. Students engaging in alternative education through online schooling can earn diplomas, certificates of completion, and degrees in veterinary assisting, veterinary technology, and animal care specializations. It is important that students realize that classroom education must supplemented by clinical supervised training. Training is not solely found in post-secondary educational programs. In fact, students can gain training through on-the-job experience, internships, and volunteer positions as well.

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