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Maine Vet Tech Salaries

Registered veterinary technicians can expect an optimistic occupational outlook once employed. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 36% employment growth between 2008 and 2018 for veterinary technicians throughout the country. This industry trend could potentially create more than 28,000 new jobs nationwide, which will impact Maine’s labor market as a result. Currently, about 83% of all veterinary technicians in Maine are employed by professional and technical service providers. Professionals looking for entry-level positions in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, West Scarborough, and Sanford may find employment possibilities through wildlife preservations, animal laboratories, zoos, drug manufacturers, and diagnostic laboratories.

The average Maine veterinary technician salary is $38,000/yr. However, individual salaries are often determined by an employee’s level of education in veterinary technology, past work experience, amount of job responsibility, specialized training, and geographic location. Although job availability is definitely more prevalent in more metropolitan regions of the state, these same areas do not always offer higher-than-average salaries. To illustrate salary differentiation between locations, here are the annual average salaries for some of the biggest cities in Maine:

Portland:  $40,000/yr
Lewiston:  $41,000/yr
Bangor:  $45,000/yr
South Portland:  $40,000/yr
Auburn:  $41,000/yr

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