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Manitoba Pharmacy Tech Certificate – MB

In Manitoba, pharmacy technicians are not licensed professionals. They are, however, considered regulated professionals. There is a significant difference in the meaning of licensed and regulated, and pharmacy technician students should be aware of this before they begin pursuing their newfound careers.

Obtaining a pharmacy tech certificate in Manitoba is essential to securing employment. With the absence of state-specific licensing requirements comes the inevitability of employers who will want to verify the competency of pharmacy technician candidates. New regulations in Manitoba are responsible for changes in the scope of the pharmacy technician practice, as well as the suggested certification route for future employment.

In order for pharmacy technicians in Manitoba to be recognized as regulated pharmacy technicians, they must follow these steps:

  • Complete an accredited educational program with pharmacy technician training
  • Passage of the Canada Jurisprudence Examination
  • Passage of the PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada )Qualifying Examination

This new regulation is expected to be in full force by January 1, 2011. After that date, students that have not taken the recommended steps will not be given the title of regulated pharmacy technician. Although this is not a requirement, it is likely that employers hiring pharmacy technicians will be looking at techs with this status.

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