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Manitoba Pharmacy Technician Salaries – MB

The median pharmacy technician salary in Manitoba varies based on factors like experience, certification, and facility type. Yet, most pharmacy technicians in Manitoba earn between $11.68 per hour and $15.90 per hour, which is amounts to between $24,294 and $33,072 each year.

Overall, new pharmacy technicians in Manitoba are going to begin with entry-level starting salaries, which are generally between 10% and 20% less than Manitoba’s overall average. While this can make new graduates a little squeamish, there is a lot of financial potential here, and by gaining professional experience you can expect to see a significant increase in your income each year.

The facility that you choose to work in can also impact your salary. Retail pharmacies and healthcare clinic pharmacies each have different elements that affect how much they are able to offer their staff. A recent study concluded that approximately 49% of pharmacy technicians in Manitoba worked in retail pharmacies, 44% worked in healthcare clinic pharmacies, and roughly 2.5% worked in the manufacturing sector of pharmaceuticals.

If you are interested in increasing your professional value, you could consider getting involved with a professional organization like the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technician. This is a great way to network with potential employers and identify your dedication to the profession; all of which can contribute to increased financial value.

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