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Become a CNA in Maryland

How to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Maryland

Step 1: Gain admittance into a Maryland Board of Nursing (MBN) approved CNA certification program. This program must provide at least 100 hours of instruction. 40 hours must be in classroom based education, whereas the remaining 40 must provide clinical/laboratory experience. All programs are to be supervised by a registered nurse (RN).The program should end with a competency examination testing written/oral comprehension and demonstration skills. Some program providers are through area high schools, community colleges, state universities, adult education centers, hospitals, and nursing care facilities.

Step 2: Get certified to work in Maryland. Certification is granted to those students receiving a score of 70% or higher on the state examination. The competency test is administered by the training program provider, as authorized by the MBN, and includes an initial fee of $20. The MBN recognizes certification for two years, after which certification renewal is mandatory to legally maintain employment. The renewal fee in Maine is $40. Nurse assistants can not gain lawful employment without proof of certification in Maryland. Failure to work at least 8 hours as a CNA in Maryland the first 2 years post-certification will result in revocation. Finally, many CNAs participate in career advancement opportunities by acquiring additional certifications as geriatric nurse aides, home health aides, medicinal aides, and dialysis technicians.

Step 3: Obtain active status on the Maryland Nurse Aide Registry. To do this, CNAs must go to the MBN website and submit an “Individual Request for CNA Application�? form.

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