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Cardiac Sonography Training in Maryland - MD

The most highly recommended cardiac sonography training in Maryland is granted at athe associate’s degree level.  An Associate’s of Cardiac Sonography from a CAAHEP accredited two-year training program will help assure plenty of employment opportunities in Maryland upon graduation.

Your curriculum, when you start school, will focus extensively and intensively on vascular physiology and the workings and anatomy of the human heart and its related systems. With that foundation in place, you’ll move on to a complete and total understand of your ultrasound machine, and how to operate if effectively. These are the two areas and skills that can make or break a cardiac sonographer, so study hard and learn them well.

Towards the end of your education, in the second year, you’ll start getting clinical practice time, where you’ll perform echocardiograms on patients and volunteers under the instruction of teaching staff. This is to test your ability on the job, and get you familiar with patient interaction.

As you near graduation, consider becoming a credentialed cardiac sonographer, by taking an exam administered by either the American Registry for Diagnosis Medical Sonographers or Cardiovascular Credentialing International, the two credentialing agencies regulating this profession. This isn’t a necessary step, as Maryland does not regulate cardiac sonographers, but many employers do require applicants to have some level of accreditation, and it may be the extra little edge your resume needs to get you in the door for the job you desire.

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