Maryland Gerontologist Salaries - MD

The average gerontologist salary in Maryland is higher than it is in most states. If you plan to have a career in this exciting profession, you can expect to make between $65,000 and $121,000 per year in the beginning and toward the middle of your career.

Geriatric nurses educated at the graduate level receive the highest pay out of any gerontology professional. These individuals make an average of 105,000 per year, with the range resting between $101,000 and $121,000. Like many of their peers in other aspects of the field, geriatric nurses in Silver Spring and Elicot City earn the highest salaries out of all the geriatric nurses in Maryland. Geriatric nurses in Baltimore and Columbia, on the other hand, receive a slightly lower rate of pay.

Adult psychologists are at also at the high end of the overall earnings. On average, psychologists in Maryland make $98,000 per year, with the highest possible mid-range pay resting at $106,000. Out of anyone in their field, psychologists in Silver Spring and Elicot City gain the most pay  (around $106K per annum).

Nutritionists specializing in gerontology in Maryland, on the other hand, make a little less than psychologists and nurses. Their salaries average out to about $59,000 per year, with the lowest possible pay rate resting at $57,000 per year.

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