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Healthcare Administration Program In Maryland - MD

Prospective healthcare administrators can choose from a tantalizing variety of education options.  One can get a healthcare management degree in Maryland from a number of different educational venues, including schools of public health, medical schools, and business schools.  Many schools offering programs in healthcare administration offer students the choice to pursue their degree online.  An online learning option enables hopeful healthcare managers to work and go to school at the same time.

The standard education credential for a healthcare administrator is a master’s degree in healthcare management, public health administration, or a similar discipline.  A bachelor’s degree will serve as an adequate qualification for certain entry-level positions, but, for those who wish to work their way to the top of the field, an advanced degree is a virtual necessity.  Admissions to health administration programs in Maryland are competitive and require above average grades.  In addition, most successful applicants already hold a degree in a health-related field and have worked for several years in a healthcare profession at the time they matriculate.  Coursework in the typical healthcare administration degree program covers the fundamentals of business management, accounting, hospital organization and operations, the economics of the healthcare system, healthcare information systems, bioethics, healthcare law and regulations, and healthcare marketing.  Most programs also require completion of a clinical internship of up to one year in length that provides hands-on administrative experience in a healthcare setting.

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