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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Maryland - MD

The median lactation consultant salary in Maryland is roughly $87,000 each year, accounting for one of the highest earning professions in all of Maryland. Newly certified lactation consultants in Maryland will probably earn slightly less than that average as they begin to build their level of expertise. However, as time goes on and they latch onto more opportunities, they will steadily see their income increase year by year.

Maryland has one of the highest retention rates for breastfeeding with nearly 77% of all children being breastfed at some point. This is an incredible statistic because it shows how the importance of breastfeeding has been implemented in Maryland and how lucrative this profession can really be. Consider also that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see a 25% increase in general health occupations between now and the year 2018. Statistically, lactation consultants should continue to prove as valuable resources in the coming years, and job opportunities should be productive.

Remember that you can add to your list of credentials and gain credibility and exposure by aligning yourself with La Leche League of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. Being recognized at the state level is a great way to prove your dedication to the profession and earn more money.

Lactation consultant salaries in Maryland can fluctuate between cities, and here are some of those figures:

  • Baltimore: $83,000
  • Columbia: $94,000
  • Silver Spring: $94,000

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