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How to Become a Medical Assistant in Maryland – MD

You can receive top-notch education from several different Maryland medical assistant programs. Most of them will require you to successfully complete coursework in a variety of topics since the duties of a medical assistant can vary extensively. A good potion of the institutions in Maryland will offer you a certificate of completion or a diploma rather than a formal two-year associates degree in Medical Assistance. Consider this as you apply to your schools and work out the best option that will benefit you the most in your goals and job prospects in the particular city in Maryland you hope to work in.

There are no official steps to becoming a Medical Assistant; however, the first step is to complete a medical assistant program in Maryland. There are steps you can take to be a well-rounded, qualified Medical Assistant that will have a better chance of securing the best jobs with the highest salaries, the most benefits, and potentially the most pleasant and efficient environment. Following these steps will maximize your abilities and give you a broader range of employment. In other words, you won’t have to take a job you don’t want.Get an education. Employers may train you once you’ve been hired, but they’re more likely to choose an applicant that already has extensive training, and therefore, experience.

The American Association of Medical Assistants

Continuing Education and Recertification:
You’ll need to recertify every five years to keep your license current. In Maryland, you can recertify via continuing education units:

60 recertification points total:

  • 10 – General
  • 10 – Administrative
  • 10 – Clinical
  • 30 – Any
You can also retake the certification exam to become recertified. You’ll need to pass to become certified or recertified, but you are able to retake the exam at your earliest convenience without a required wait time.
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