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Medical Assistant Certification in Maryland – MD

While certification is not mandatory, obtaining education through one of the medical assistant schools in Maryland and then pursuing certification will only benefit you and make you a more desirable job candidate. The more skills that you’re certified to perform, the better your chances of being hired are. You can be a much more efficient Medical Assistant if you’re able to do a variety of tasks, not only with clerical duties, but also with the advanced ability to complete lab and medical tasks.

CPR and First Aid Certification: Enroll in a short training course at Emergency First Training in Hagerstown, Maryland. Safety and Health Solutions is another facility that is based out of New Jersey, but serves the state of Maryland among others. There are also online certification programs that you can complete if you’re unable to find a training facility near you.

Emergency First Training

Safety and Health Solutions

General Certification in Medical Assistance is also a huge plus. Several job listings in Maryland mention this as a requirement for employment. You’ll need to first complete your education and receive the appropriate certificate, diploma or degree. Then, you can register to take the certification exam.

Preparation for the exam comes in the form of external study materials in medical assisting that you can find in bookstores, and also formal review classes that you can take. There are also practice exams available that you will give you an idea of areas you need to prepare more extensively for. This is all sponsored by The American Association of Medical Assistants. There are Maryland chapters in Baltimore county and Chesapeake Bay.

In Maryland, Medical Assistant jobs are more common in the cities of Hagerstown and Bethesda, as reported by Bethesda and Baltimore tend to have the highest salaries of the state at an average annual salary of $39,000 and $34,000 respectively. These figures match and beat the national average at $34,000, making this an ideal location for you as a Medical Assistant.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Medical Assistants in Baltimore, Columbia, Silver Spring and Ellicot City, Maryland may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Franklin Square Hospital Center, Holy Cross Hospital, John Hopkins Medicine and Prince George’s Hospital Center.

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