Maryland Medical Billing and Coding Certificate - MD

Medical Billing and Coding Education in Maryland - MD

How to Become a Speicialist in Medical Coding or Medical Billing in Maryland

Maryland is known as the life science hub of the country with over 350 biotechnology firms located throughout the state. Maryland is avidly referred to as the miniature America and offers brilliant landscaping throughout the entire state. With a population of over 5 million people, Maryland is a thriving state.  With a high state population, the need for trained medical professionals in Maryland is high in demand. Contrary to belief, not all health care jobs involve patient interaction. A medical billing and coding specialist located in Maryland provides administrative support and handles the welfare of both patient documents, while ensuring that the acting physician is properly compensated for their work. The typical salary for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist located in Maryland is $30,000 per year.

In order to pursue medical billing and coding certification in Maryland, there are a few pertinent things that you must do.

  1. Enroll in an a Maryland medical billing certificate program, coding program or comprehensive program offering medical billing and coding certification in Maryland.  Online schools are an excellent option to consider for this profession. A lot of the schools that focus in on this career are self paced, thus making it easy to obtain your certification for this particular career from the comfort of your own home. The course normally consists of 55 to 65 hours in total; based upon your schedule it is likely to complete the course in as little as 3 months.
  2. In order to become a medical billing and coding specialist in Maryland you will be required to take the Certified Coding Specialist exam or the Certified Coding Specialist Physician Based Exam. Both of these certifications are sponsored by the American Health Information Management Association.
  3. In order to become a medical billing and coding specialist in Maryland prior to graduation from your accredited learning institution all aspiring medical billers and coders are required to gain on the job experience through engaging in an externship. Throughout the externship these aspiring health care professionals will be given practice ICD-9 and CPT codes that will need to be inserted into patients medical files. The on the job experience that is required in Maryland state helps assist aspiring medical billing and coders with what they can expect when engaged in real life work environments.
  4. After your externship has been completed, and your certification to work as a medical billing and coding specialist has been approved, the next step is seeking out employment. With your degree in this exciting and flourishing field you will need to commence in filling out applications stating that you are pursuing entry-level employment for medical billing and coding specialists.

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