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Medical Technologist Salaries in Maryland

Medical Technologist Salary in Maryland

Medical technologists in Maryland enjoy a competitive average annual salary of $63,000 each year. The scientific and diagnostic clinical nature of this career field not only makes it one that is personally gratifying, but also one that can be financially sound and compensating. Without a doubt, though, the most influential factor affecting your salary in Maryland is experience.

The field of clinical laboratory sciences in Maryland, however, is continuously growing larger by the day. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a potential 14% increase in the demand for qualified medical technologists through the year 2016. Although this increase is sure to bring more job opportunities, the number of qualified medical technologists is slowly declining, which means that medical technologists in Maryland will have more security and much more opportunity to demand higher salaries.

There is another factor that you should consider regarding medical technologist salaries in Maryland, and that is location. Some geographic locations may offer a higher initial base, while others may offer a slightly lower income base. Here are some average salaries listed by city:

  • Baltimore: $60,000
  • Columbia: $68,000
  • Silver Spring: $68,000
  • Ellicott City: $67,000
  • Bethesda: $69,000
  • Germantown: $70,000

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