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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Maryland - MD

Statistically, medical transcriptionists in Maryland are among some of the highest paid throughout the entire nation. Accordingly, the estimated annual medical transcription salary in Maryland is roughly $37,370 per hour. However, what is even more important is what the highest earning MTs reported making. During 2009, the highest reported annual income for this profession was an astounding $54,680, an average of more than $26 per hour. Since this salary level is about 32% higher than the statewide average, it is important to figure out what you can do to get to that level.

Naturally, experience is going to affect how much you are paid per line of straight transcription. While recent graduates do start out making slightly less per line, they quickly move up in the ranks as they gain on-the-job experience. So, what is it that makes such a huge difference between the income levels of medical transcriptionists in Maryland? The answer: speed. The difference between producing 100 lines per hour and 300 lines per hour can make the difference between earning an extra $10 per hour, a theoretical increase of $400 per week.

With a career in medical transcription, your greatest benefit is the ability to choose your own financial destination. By working on your speed and finding ways to increase your productivity, you can essentially give yourself a raise any time you want it.

Here are some of the average medical transcription salaries in Maryland by city:

  • Baltimore: $35,920
  • Columbia: $39,000
  • Silver Spring: $40,000
  • Ellicott City: $38,000
  • Bethesda: $48,620
  • Salisbury: $36,010

Salary figures have been provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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