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Maryland Medical Transcription Training Programs

The job of a medical transcriptionist in Maryland is to transcribe, or put into writing, medical records that have been dictated by physicians or other medical professionals.  The type of information that will be transcribed includes a patient’s medical history, surgical reports, and summaries of discharge.  If a patient needed a psychiatric evaluation, laboratory work, or x-rays, they will also need to be transcribed into a readable format. Basically, any type of report or note about a patient’s medical condition will eventually end up being transcribed into a typewritten record. 

In Maryland, medical transcriptionists can work in a medical office or a hospital.  In addition, many experienced transcriptionists have the option to telecommute and work from a home office environment.  These types of choices make medical transcribing in Maryland a very versatile career choice.

Medical transcriptionists in Maryland will need to be trained in the use of transcription and dictation equipment, as well as medical terminology.  Additionally, a medical transcriptionist should be proficient on a keyboard and be able to use basic word processing software packages.

Medical transcriptionists in Maryland can except to experience a higher than average growth rate through 2016.  The national average is expected to be 14%, but Maryland will see rates closer to 25%.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field should pursue a program for medical transcription training in Maryland. There are many types of programs available either online or in a classroom environment. Students can choose the program that best fits with their schedule and learn to be a transcriptionist even if they hold a full time job. 

There are no specific state licenses for medical transcriptionists in Maryland, however those who graduate from a program have the option of joining the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), which is the biggest professional association in the world for medical transcriptionists.  Benefits for joining the AHDI include professional network opportunities, discounts on equipment and supplies, and mentoring opportunities.  An online application and fee listing for the association can be found on their website @ 

Individuals interested in joining the AHDI should choose to complete medical transcription coursework at an accredited medical transcription program.  Programs that are approved by the AHDI are listed in alphabetical order on their website listed above. 

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