Midwife Salary in Maryland - MD

Midwives' Salaries in Maryland - MD

Maryland Midwife Salary

In Maryland, all midwives must have postgraduate nurses training in midwifery. This means that, besides having a RN or BSN degree, midwives in Maryland must complete graduate requirements in midwifery. Therefore, one would expect that the midwife salary in Maryland would be a bit higher than in other states. Certified nurse-midwives in Maryland earn an average annual salary of $107,000, as stated by indeed.com. This salary is about five percent higher than the average salary for midwives in other states. Salaries may be higher or lower, as the pay scale varies, depending upon the part of the state in which you work.

Midwives in Maryland are active health professionals. For example, in 2004, according to the Maryland chapter of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), CNMs in Maryland attended 4490 births, representing 8.7% of the total births in the state for that year. These births were all across the state, in cities such as Elkton, Frederick, Baltimore, and Cumberland. As stated above, salaries tend to vary depending upon in which part of Maryland your CNM practice is located. In some areas of the state, salaries may go as high as six figures. Indeed.com provides the following salary statistics for cities throughout the state:

  • Elkton:  $95,000
  • Cumberland:  $75,000
  • Frederick:  $103,000
  • Baltimore:  $103,000
  • Easton:  $89,000
  • Hagerstown:  $87,000

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