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MRI Technician Salaries in Maryland

MRI technician salaries in Maryland average out at around $67,000 per year, which is certainly higher than the average of most other professions and not a bad way to earn money by thriving in a career that you enjoy. While newly employed MRI technicians in Maryland will probably earn slightly less in their first job, there is no doubt that the accumulation of professional experience will cause the annual salary to rise.

In addition to enjoying a nice annual salary, MRI technicians in Maryland can expect to find lucrative job opportunities. Because of the aging population and the continued need for medical intervention, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a potential 15% increase for this field through the year 2016. With this type of growth on the rise, MRI technicians in Maryland should have no problems finding and securing employment. 

Furthermore, a recent study showed some interesting information regarding facility type. It was reported that MRI technicians in Maryland made more money by working in diagnostic facilities than in smaller, more rural healthcare settings. While this does not impact job availability, it does affect the annual income in Maryland.

Take a look at some of the MRI technician salary figures in Maryland by city to find out your earning potential:

  • Baltimore: $64,000
  • Columbia: $72,000
  • Silver Spring: $73,000
  • Ellicott City: $71,000

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