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Maryland Occupational Therapist Salaries

Salary for Occupational Therapists in Maryland

Occupational therapy employment is expected to increase by 23 percent between 2006 and 2016 as we see more of the population over the age of 75 and likely to suffer with disabling conditions.  Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations estimates that the number of Occupational Therapists in the state will increase from 2,130 in 2006 to 2,790 by 2016.  The number of Occupational Therapy Assistants is projected to go up to 365 by 2016 compared with 285 in 2006. Occupational Therapy Aides should number 200 in 2016, up from 145 in 2006.

Additionally, the U.S. Census Bureau notes that Maryland has the highest median household income of any state. The median Maryland Occupational Therapist salaryf is listed as $77,360, with Occupational Therapy Assistants earning a median salary of $50,660 and Occupational Therapy Aides making an average of $35,650. 

Maine’s fairly moderate weather makes the state even more attractive for professionals interested in relocating.  The western mountains provide good skiing conditions for those who enjoy winter sports, while the Atlantic breezes keep the state pleasantly cool in the summer months. 

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