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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Maryland - MD

Radiology technician training in Maryland is intense because expectations demand that this type of professional be versed in how to protect themselves and patients from radiology and how to administer radioactive materials to a patient. There are many safety and precautionary measures that come along with this career, in addition to a much-needed, in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, so training programs and certification methods must be comprehensive and constructive.

Radiology technician training in Maryland will include a clinical externship with the overall goal of preparing you for the workforce. During this trial period, you will work in close proximity to a licensed radiology technician, where you will learn to how to apply your skills, take x-ray images, and interact with patients.

After you have finished your degree program, the first step to beginning your career in Maryland is to take the American Registry of Radiology Technologists (ARRT) examination. This goal of this test is to show employers, the State of Maryland, and other professionals that you meet or exceed the national standards regarding radiologic technology. Upon passage of the test, you will be recognized as certified. 

In addition, the State of Maryland does require all radiology technicians to be licensed, so the next step is to apply for a license with the Maryland Board of Physicians. The State will require you to have completed an accredited program and certification from the ARRT before they will issue a radiology technician state license.

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