Salary for a Registered Nurse in Maryland - MD

Maryland Registered Nurse Salary

A registered nurse in Maryland can earn an average of $76,000. A certified RN Anesthetist can earn up to $122,000. An emergency room RN can command $96,000. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Maryland number four in the nation for highest paid nurses, counting them as nearly two percent of the state’s workforce. The Cumberland, MD/WV area is one of the most concentrated areas of the country for nurses, with about 1,400 of them working in hospitals, clinics and other sites where patients require care.

Baltimore, Maryland RN Salary: $73,000
Columbia, Maryland RN Salary: $82,000
Silver Spring, Maryland RN Salary: $83,000
Bethesda, Maryland RN Salary: $84,000
Frederick, Maryland RN Salary: $75,000


Advancement Opportunities for Registered Nurses in Maryland

How high you want to go in the nursing field depends on your ambition and your education. With an associate’s degree, your options are limited. You need to study beyond a bachelor’s degree to open up many doors, such as becoming a nurse practitioner or working as a nurse anesthetist. These vocations also require a different type of license from the state.

Additionally, you might consider leaving the clinical field altogether and teaching other students to become nurses. Should you choose to stay at the hospital or clinic, you can become an administrator or supervisor of other nurses. In all these cases, the pay scale is higher than for ordinary RNs, but the responsibilities and challenges increase as well. And the opportunity to help heal patients and work in a face-to-face situation with those in need may be reduced.

Continued Education Requirements for Registered Nurses in Maryland

Maryland does not require you to take regular continuing education courses to maintain your RN license, but does recommend refresher courses for nurses who want to reinstate their licenses.

Registered Nurse Schools