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Maryland Surgical Technologist Salary - MD

Salaries for Surgical Tech’s in Maryland

Now, you are probably interested to learn what type of income you can expect to earn. Well, in Maryland, most surgical technologists average about $46,000 per year, well above the estimated nationwide average of $38,740. Still, there are many factors used to determine annual income, including geographic location, experience, education, and facility type.

The majority of surgical technicians in Maryland secure employment with general county and private hospital organizations, but there is an increasing employment trend occurring in physician’s offices and outpatient clinics. As surgical technology advances and surgical operations become less invasive, some of these operations can be done in the setting of a general practitioner or outpatient-based clinic. This gives surgical technicians in Maryland another employment option to consider.

Without a doubt, your starting salary is likely to be based on experience and education. You will definitely have education under your belt, but you will be lacking in the experience arena. This is common for all new grads, and the important thing to remember is surgical technicians are in demand in Maryland, which means that job opportunities should be stable enough for you to develop a higher level of experience.

Some of the largest employers of surgical techs in Maryland include Franklin Square Hospital Center, Prince George’s Hospital Center, Holy Cross Hospital, and John Hopkins Medical Center.

Average income by location:

  • Ellicott City: $49,000
  • Baltimore: $45,000
  • Silver Spring: $50,000
  • Columbia: $50,000

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