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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Massachusetts - MA

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job growth for cardiac sonographers, and other cardiovascular professionals, will hit 24% by 2018. This means excellent opportunities for jobs, both across the US, and in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts there is already a shortage of trained cardiac sonographers, and the starting salaries here are almost 11% higher than anywhere else in the US.

According to, a cardiac sonographer salary in Massachusetts averages $78,000. Because where in the state you work often has some bearing on how much money you make, here are salary statistics for the state’s biggest cities:
  • Boston - $76,000
  • Cambridge - $75,000
  • Lowell - $74,000
  • Springfield - $67,000
  • Worcester - $63,000

Even though cardiac sonographers are engaged in a very specific line of work, there are several employment opportunities available to them. Those that make the most are usually employed in very successful cardiologist’s offices, or in supervisory and managerial roles in large care facilities like the Winchester Hospital, or the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Those cardiac sonographers who earn salaries in the middle typically work at smaller hospitals or with traveling and contract diagnosis companies in Massachusetts.

Wherever you want to end up, this is an absolutely perfect time to start a career in cardiac sonography, and Massachusetts, with its high salaries and excellent healthcare reputation, is one of the best places in which to begin.

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