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Cardiac Sonography Training in Massachusetts - MA

To start your cardiac sonographer training in Massachusetts, you’ll need to find and attend an appropriate training program. You’ll want to pick one that terminates in at least an associate’s degree, and is approved by the allied health education credentialing organization, CAHEEP. Bachelor’s degrees are starting to be offered in cardiac sonography, and while an associates is currently fine for employment, a bachelor’s may open up many new employment opportunities and positions.

When you enroll in a program, you’ll find yourself studying, in equal intensity, the workings of the human cardiovascular system, and successful operation of an ultrasound machine. These areas of study are essential for cardiac sonographers in Massachusetts, as a solid understanding of the heart and its function is essential to assisting in the diagnosis of patients with heart related conditions.

Though much of the second year is still spent in class, you’ll also have many opportunities to practice your trade under the supervision of licensed cardiac sonographers, and medical instructors. They’ll also introduce you to medical ethics, patient interaction, and how to develop a good bedside manner.

When you’re near graduation, think about becoming certified by the American Registry for Diagnosis Medical Sonographers, or by Cardiovascular Credentialing International. While this step isn’t required by the Massachusetts State Medical Board, many employers prefer or require cardiac sonographers to hold some level of credentialing. To do so, you’ll need to take an exam given by either organization. Both organizations will thoroughly test your knowledge and clinical ability, and passing their exams will grant you membership in an organization with a nation-wide network of cardiac sonographers.

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