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Gerontology Degrees in Massachusetts - MA

The best way to learn how to become a gerontologist in Massachusetts is to volunteer at a geriatric care center or work in the field as a nurse, physical therapist's assistant, or event planner. These positions are typically available to anyone with a bachelor's degree, and are extremely convenient if you are also pursuing a graduate certificate or degree.

Geriatric care centers and nursing homes in Massachusetts are always looking for reception, nursing, counseling, cafeteria, and event planning workers/volunteers, so it is very easy to gain experience in this field. Volunteering is by far the best way to introduce yourself to the field of geriatric care, as it allows you to wear multiple hats while still gaining professional experience.

The amount of training required to earn gerontology certification in Massachusetts depends on the type of career you plan to pursue. If you plan on becoming a licensed physical therapist who works with elderly patients, you must obtain at least two years of experience as a physical therapy assistant before you can become licensed in Massachusetts. You must also take and pass a licensing exam administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

But if you want to become an event coordinator for a nursing home, you do not have to apply for a license. Instead, you should gain at least two to three years of marketing and event planning experience in a geriatric environment.

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