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Massachusetts Healthcare Administration Salaries - MA

Healthcare managers in Massachusetts enjoy strong job prospects and generous wages. The average healthcare administration salary in Massachusetts is $87,000 yearly, approximately 11% above the national average pay for healthcare management positions.  Administrators who take leadership and supervisory roles can expect to earn even more, with some salaries approaching $139,000.  When considering salary issues, aspiring healthcare administrators should remember that annual wages may differ from city to city.

Below is a sampling of average annual healthcare administration salaries for selected cities which serve as the home for some of the most prominent medical institutions in Massachusetts:

  • Boston: $85,000
  • Winchester: $84,000
  • Marlborough: $85,000

Massachusetts is home to some of the most prestigious and well-respected medical institutions in the nation and the world.  The city of Boston, in particular, as home of the renowned Harvard Medical School and its teaching hospital Massachusetts General, is the breeding ground for a great many medical innovations and healthcare advances.  The sheer number of hospitals and healthcare facilities in Massachusetts offers distinct advantages to healthcare administrators seeking career opportunities in the state.  In the coming decade, available positions in the healthcare management field are expected to increase nationwide by about 16%, significantly faster than average.  Moreover, the number of open positions is expected to exceed the number of available administrators.  This trend will help keep salaries high and maintain positive prospects for career advancement.

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