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Healthcare Administration Program In Massachusetts - MA

A wide selection of educational institutions offers healthcare management degrees in Massachusetts.  These educational institutions include colleges and universities, medical schools, business schools, and schools of public health.  Many future healthcare administrators in Massachusetts will also be pleased to discover that more and more reputable schools are offering online courses of study leading to healthcare management degrees.  Most programs in healthcare administration offer degrees at the graduate level.  While some candidates may secure entry-level positions with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree is necessary for long-term advancement in the field.  The typical healthcare administrator has a master’s or other advanced graduate degree in healthcare management, public health administration, or a related healthcare-related management specialty.  Healthcare administration programs in Massachusetts are typically competitive, and successful applicants generally have above average academic records and professional experience. 

Students pursuing a career in healthcare administration can expect to take courses in basic business management principles and practices, including, but not limited to, human resource management, accounting, and marketing. They can also expect to learn about healthcare information systems, medical records, bioethics, and hospital organization and operation.  Many graduate programs also require students to complete up to a year of hands-on administrative work under the supervision of a qualified healthcare manager.

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