Long Term Care Class in Massachusetts - MA

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a lengthy history of supporting the long-term care needs of elders and people with disabilities across their lifespan, emphasizing maximizing independence in home and community settings while assuring access to needed institutional care. Long term care is a team effort and if this is a career that might interest you, many organizations in Massachusetts offer all-day seminars, assessment skills workshops, and on-site long term care training and classes.

For example, home health aides often comprise a large part of the effort to care for the long term needs of individuals who cannot care for themselves. Note that while some states require a high school diploma or a GED as a pre-requisite to this training, Massachusetts does not uniformly mandate a high school graduation.  However, passing a written assessment test including basic math and general English proficiency skills often are pre-requisites. Other requirements include roof of a negative TB, and the ability to meet the physical requirements of the job duties. Depending upon the training, classes may run from 75 hours to100 hours in length. Classes cover bathing, dressing, toileting and transferring patients from one position or location to another, feeding, and ethics. Students usually take a CPR component as part of their training as well.

Long Term Care Schools