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Medical Office Manager Salary in Massachusetts – MA

Today, there are approximately 8,210 health services managers working in Massachusetts. Medical office managers will continue to be employed in settings that cater to the medical and health care industries. Therefore, community health centers, managed care providers, public health offices, and private physician offices are all excellent places to start looking for jobs. In addition, nearly 30% of medical office managers are employed by area hospitals and medical clinics. As a result, skilled professionals in major cities like Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, and Lowell may find lucrative positions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Winchester Hospital, Harvard Medical Center, and Marlborough Hospital. Professional associations such as the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Medical Group Management Association may likewise offer job seekers with great employment resources.

After successfully gaining employment, salary earnings tend to become the next area of concern for professionals. Interestingly, the average medical office manager salary in Massachusetts is $53,000/yr which is significantly higher than the average national salary of $47,000/yr. Medical office managers can continue to amplify salary earnings by getting certified, completing advanced degree programs, staying current with industry innovations through on-the-job training, and striving for more occupational responsibility. Those that take advantage of career advancement opportunities may become chief executive officers (CEOs), health care administrators, and department leaders which are all roles that demand higher salaries. Finally, salaries will also vary between geographic locations within Massachusetts: 

  • Boston:  $52,000/yr
  • Worcester:  $42,000/yr
  • Springfield:  $46,000/yr
  • Lowell:  $51,000/yr
  • Cambridge:  $51,000/yr
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