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How to Become a Medical Technician in Massachusetts

Steps to Become a Medical Laboratory Technician in Massachusetts

Nearly all of the great breakthroughs in medicine begin in a laboratory. The work done in the lab leads directly to the diagnoses and discoveries that change individual lives and, in some cases, the course of history. There are no small players in this environment, because each function and every hand that performs it is vital to the ultimate result. For this reason and others, the career of medical lab technician is a rewarding one.

Nationally, the career of medical technician is expected to grow by 15% by the year 2016. A growing and aging population contributes to the expansion of this profession. In Massachusetts, medical technician jobs are very popular. The state also boasts the highest annual mean wage for the occupation. A multitude of colleges and technical schools offer courses to train medical technicians in both generalist and specialist categories. The steps to becoming a medical technician are as follows:

  1. Attend and graduate from one of the online or campus based Massachusetts medical technician schools accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLA). We’ll discuss this and other aspects of education in a moment.
  2. Apply for and take the certification examination offered by The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). While this step is not mandatory, it greatly increases your credibility and employability in this field, and is strongly encouraged. The process includes
    1. Applying for the test. You will need to provide proof of your training/graduation as well as ID and other important documents
    2. Scheduling the test at a testing center convenient to you. You can also arrange a date and time that fits your schedule
    3. Studying for the test. There are online resources available at the ASCP web site ( that can help you be prepared.
    4. Taking the test and awaiting your results!

When you’ve passed the exam, you will be certified as a medical technician (also known as a Medical Lab Tech or MLT). Massachusetts has not yet adopted the practice of state-level licensing for medical technicians, so once you’ve been certified by the national organization, you’re ready to work. However, you will want to collect your required annual continuing education points in order to keep the doors of advancement open.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Medical Technicians in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge and Lowell, Massachusetts may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Massachusetts General Hospital, Winchester Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Marlborough Hospital.
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