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Medical Technologist Salaries in Massachusetts

Medical Technologist Salary in Massachusetts

The average Massachusetts medical technologist salary is about $67,000 per year. This career field is most definitely a rewarding one with major contributions to a patient’s overall health status. Whereas newly certified medical technologists in Massachusetts would normally earn slightly less than the state average, the increased demand for qualified professionals in this field leaves initial salary offers open to negotiation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified a probable 14% increase in the demand for medical technologists between now and the year 2016. With that said, there is also the factor that medical technologists are a slowly declining breed, essentially meaning that there are more job opportunities being created than there are technologists to fill them. This means that even recently certified medical technologists in Massachusetts will have higher chances of securing employment and dictating their own salaries.

Medical technologist salaries in Massachusetts, however, can also often be affected by geographical location. In general, larger cities typically pay their medical technologists more than smaller cities do. To find out where you city in Massachusetts lands on the pay scale, take a look at the list below:

  • Boston: $65,000
  • Worcester: $55,000
  • Springfield: $58,000
  • Cambridge: $68,000
  • Lowell: $64,000

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