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Massachusetts Medical Transcription Training Programs

In Massachusetts a medical transcriptionists’ duties involve taking notes and reports dictated by doctors or other medical personnel, and transcribing them into written documentation.  Any kind of information that is pertinent to the medical history of a patient is transferred into a readable document by the transcriptionist, including x-rays, pathology reports, lab work, and discharge summaries. 

Transcriptionists in Massachusetts generally have a turnaround time of about 24 hours to take the dictation from a physician and transcribe it into a written document that can be inserted into a patient’s medical file.  This type of turnaround time can mean nonstandard work hours for many transcriptionists, but it can also add the flexibility of working from home. 

Jobs for medical transcriptionists in the state of Massachusetts are expected to grow at a steady rate of 10%, compared to average national rate of 14%.  Both projections are forecasted through the year 2016.

To become a medical transcriptionist in this state, individuals should register for program for medical transcription training in Massachusetts. There are options of mail order, online, and university level programs, and students should review their choices carefully.  Additionally, basic computer, typing, and listening skills are important for those contemplating a career as a medical transcriptionist. 

The state of Massachusetts does not require a license to pursue a career in medical transcription.  Instead, medical transcriptionists can choose to join a professional association such as the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).  The AHDI is the largest association in the world for clinical documenters such as medical transcriptionists. This organization promotes accurateness, safety, and privacy of medical records.  The AHDI has also released a best practices document to ensure members follow recommended guidelines and procedures. The strong ethics of the AHDI make it desirable for employees in Massachusetts to hire medical transcriptionists who are members.  

Additional benefits of the AHDI consist of networking options, working with a mentor, and equipment discounts.  Complete membership details, as well as an application to join, are available on the AHDI website @ 

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