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Massachusetts Occupational Therapist Salaries

Salary for Occupational Therapists in Massachusetts

With an average Massachusetts occupational therapist salary of $66,940, the state is considerably above the national average annual salary of $61,160.  In Massachusetts the mean hourly wage is over $32.00.  In the Bureau of Labor Statistics profile for OTs in Massachusetts the top 10% annually earn as much or more than $98,000 while the low 10% earns about $41,000.  It takes years of effort to prepare for entering this profession but it is a very personally and financially rewarding vocation.

The following is a list represents the average Massachusetts occupational therapist salary by major city:

Amherst:  $112,000
Boston:  $140,000
Cambridge:  $139,000
Springfield:  $86,000

Occupational Therapy in the Military

Occupational therapists are in high-demand now that there are large numbers of injured combat veterans returning home from foreign conflicts.  This requires a particularly sensitive type of person who can work with an injured veteran, and his family, all of whom must adjust to the life changes a debilitating injury will cause.  The OT must be able to assess the extent of the disability and how it will impact the veteran’s ability to participate in the activities of normal daily life.  OTs will then establish a plan to help that veteran achieve independence.

Addressing this need are five Veterans Administration Centers in Bedford, Brockton, Jamaica Plain, Leeds, and West Roxbury, as well as 17 community-based clinics throughout Massachusetts.

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