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Become a Personal Trainer in Massachusetts - MA

Personal trainer jobs are expected to grow by nearly 30 percent through 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Personal trainers in Massachusetts must be at least 18 years old and certified in CPR/First Aid/AED procedures. Many health-conscious and fitness-minded individuals enter the profession by enrolling in a Massachusetts personal trainer certification program.

Allen, the Boston fitness manager, recommends starting out with one of the nationally recognized programs that best fits your interests.

“Do your own research on the different organizations. They all have different philosophies,�? he said. “Whichever you feel is your best niche, and you feel interested in, I would say go for that.�?

Allen and other Massachusetts personal trainers also recommend learning as much about the career before investing in a certification program, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

“Find out whether you enjoy it, and whether it’s worth the time to be a personal trainer,�? he said.

Personal trainers with college degrees – particularly in Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Springfield, and Worcester – are often the best earners. However, personal trainers with only a high school diploma have great earning potential with experience and certifications from accredited organizations. Dedication to continuing education and a hunger for knowledge about fitness and nutrition often set the elite personal trainers apart.

Employers recruit effective personal trainers who can tailor exercise, weight-loss and strength-building programs based on a full understanding of an individual client’s needs. Interpersonal and motivational skills are also important, because personal trainers must find unique ways to inspire different personalities to commit to fitness and nutrition plans.

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