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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Massachusetts - MA

Massachusetts Fitness Salaries

Massachusetts’ personal trainers are among the highest-paid in the United States. The highest average Massachusetts personal trainer salary is in the Boston metropolitan area. average salaries are listed as $59,000 in Boston, Quincy, and Cambridge; $54,000 in Springfield, $51,000 in Worcester, and $45,000 in New Bedford. The national median salary for personal trainers is $25,910. The nation’s lowest earners made nearly $15,000 per year. The nation’s top average salary for fitness trainers is $58,000 and up.

Massachusetts’ personal trainers start off earning $18 to $30 per hour, higher than the national entry-level hourly wage. Personal trainers in Massachusetts and other states are usually paid by the hour. Earning potential increases through commissions. Personal trainers interviewed said effective exercise regimens and motivational skills increase commissions when satisfied customers return and generate referral business. Trainers interviewed for this article said it is not uncommon for skilled colleagues with experience and multiple certifications to earn in excess of $100,000 annually in Boston, Cambridge, Quincy and New Bedford.

Options for Service Members and Veterans

Current and former members of the United States military are finding rewarding careers in personal training and the fitness industry. Veterans in Massachusetts can use the GI Bill to pay for personal trainer certification through organizations recognized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans and current members of the Air Force stationed at Hanscom Air Force Base can pursue certification and employment as personal trainers in Bedford, Lowel, Newton, Concord, Somerville, Boston, and other Massachusetts cities.

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