Pharmacy Technician Certification in Massachusetts - MA | How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Massachusetts

Pharmacy Technician Certification in Massachusetts - MA

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts in a pharmacy only a Pharmacy Technician, certified Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Intern, or Pharmacy Technician Trainee are allowed to work and provide assistance for the Pharmacist.  A Pharmacy Trainee does not have to graduate from an approved training program to qualify to become a certified Pharmacy Technician but must obtain a National PTCB certificate from taking the exam. 

Once you have completed your education and obtained Massachusetts pharmacy technician certification through an online school or technical college one can register as a Pharmacy Technician if they meet the following requirements:

  1. 18 year or older
  2. Proof of no convictions for drug felony
  3. Obtained a high school diploma or GED
  4. Completion of an approved program by the Board or worked between 500-1,000 hours as a Pharmacist Trainee with supervision of a Pharmacist
  5. Passed the PTCB or Pharmacy employer examination

Many Pharmacy Technicians end up receiving hands on training with their jobs, but recently many employers have been hiring people who have proof of completion of a formal training program.  If you are interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician useful foundation classes include chemistry, algebra, English, and health education.  Also, most programs focus on laboratory work and taking classes that consist of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, recordkeeping, and calculations.  There is total of 26 approved Pharmacy Technician programs in the state of Massachusetts. 

Organizations for Pharmacy Technicians in Massachusetts

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board:
Their mission is to provide the administration of an excellent program for certification and recertification for a pharmacy technician.  This organization was established in January of 1995 and since has been working hard to provide a more effective way for pharmacy technicians to ensure a high level of patient care and service.  This group has over 270,000 members.  They strive to ensure that the certification for pharmacy technicians has high standards, they support an advancement for patient care, conduct research, and provide a facilitation of consensus for issues within the profession. 

American Pharmacists Association:
An organization that provides their members to be recognized in society as a vital part in patient care that will improve upon a patient’s overall wellness, health, and life quality.  They ensure to provide the public with information about the role of pharmacists, give vital information to their members and provide many resources for their members to continue with their professional development.  This association was established in 1852 and to this day is the largest organization for pharmacists in the United States.

Massachusetts Pharmacists Association:
Organization that has been established since 1985 and strives to provide a promotion of the pharmacy profession and enhance the practice standards which the practitioners follow.  The association also works to enhance the perception by the public of the pharmacists and pharmacy, as well as promoting how valuable their services are to general public’s health and welfare.

American Society of Health System Pharmacists:
Their mission is to ensure that pharmacists are providing customers with information to properly use their medications.  This organization has over 35,000 members nationally and was established in order to provide a representation for pharmacists who practice within hospitals, health maintenance organizations, home health care, long-term care facilities, and other places that provide health care.  They strive to provide improvements of medication use and focus on enhancing patient safety while administering medications.

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