How to Become a Massage Therapist in New York - NY

How to Become a Massage Therapist in New York

New York is one of the strictest states in the nation in terms of obtaining certification. The state requires 1,000 (compared to 500 or fewer in most states) hours of practical experience that can be obtained through an educational program accredited by the state. Typically, these programs prepare students for both state licensure and national certification.

There are a couple different routes massage therapists can take in seeking employment after earning New York massage therapy certification. First, you should choose the environment you’d like to work in. Would you prefer a clinical environment, working directly with doctors and treating patients injured at work or in accidents? Or would you prefer the serene surroundings afforded by a hotel spa in Manhattan or a lakeside resort in the Adirondacks?

If you’re interested in a more intense medical experience, many doctors are now integrating massage into traditional treatments. This means physical and occupational therapists as well as chiropractors and orthopedists may either refer their patients to massage therapists or even hire practitioners with New York massage therapy certification to round out their practice.

For a more relaxed daily routine, massage therapists are in demand in spas, on cruise ships, hotels, and resorts. Therapists with a focus on sports injuries, rehabilitation, and prevention may also seek employment with any number of professional and collegiate sports teams in New York.

Finally, many graduates of New York massage therapy certification programs may choose to work for themselves as independent contractors. As distinguishing yourself from other therapists in your area may be difficult, you may have to spend the beginning of your career exercising your business development skills—rather than your massage skills. Still, with 100% of your clients’ fees going into your pocket as an independent contractor, if you have strong marketing and communications skills, this may be the best choice for you.

Most schools provide graduates with career counseling, networking opportunities, and job boards.

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