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What can I expect from massage therapy colleges?

Massage Therapy colleges include community colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, as well as private colleges and specialized universities. Because most bodywork professionals begin their careers with a certificate, it is less common to see students enrolled in university studying massage therapy exclusively. In terms of time cost and professional necessity, community colleges, vocational schools, and private schools offering technical programs in health and bodywork vocations are where students of massage therapy are most often found. This is because state licensure and national certification is typically made available to students who have completed massage therapy certificate programs, so the pursuit of further study is most often elective.
Massage therapy colleges, community colleges and private technical schools offering massage therapy programs provide

Can doctors incorporate massage therapy into their practice?

Medical doctors and psychologists alike have come to recognize the known benefits of massage. In recent years there has been a bit of a shift in thinking in the established western medical community such that practitioners of conventional medicine are becoming more open to the idea that human health is best maintained when the individual patient is treated holistically. The allopathic process of symptom evaluation and treatment remains the basis for all western medicine, but more and more MDs and doctors of psychology are beginning to welcome new ideas. Those who are open to the use of massage therapy as part of the wellness process, have been known to say; “Even if we don’t know how it works, we know that it works.”

It would be too early to describe this as a paradigm change, as the conventional medical community as a whole only accepts a select few of the 80 modalities as legitimate, and even those they only see as being useful in a very limited capacity.

Massage therapy colleges and private universities that specialize in alternative and natural approaches to health and wellness have welcomed medical doctors and psychologists enthusiastically. For medical doctors who have a full understanding of human physiology and biology, a certificate level program wouldn’t be appropriate. That is why very often massage therapy colleges have the privilege of teaching advanced massage techniques and more specialized modalities to doctors, psychologists, and physical therapists who have made the decision to incorporate massage into their practice.

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