Alabama Massage Therapists Salary - AL

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 20% growth in employment for Massage Therapists between 2006 and 2016 in the United States, implying that the job prospects for Massage Therapists are looking quite good. In the state of Alabama, health care is currently one of the top job markets, determined by America’s Career InfoNet (www.ACINET.org), and with an average statewide yearly salary of $63,000 versus a national average of $53,000, massage therapists in Alabama have potential for great success.

The national average for a massage therapist’s yearly salary is $53,000, according to Indeed.com. The state of Alabama matches this average in most of its major cities, and surpasses it in Auburn, Huntsville, and Montgomery. The average Alabama massage therapist salary is $63,000, which suggests that Alabama is a good location if you’re hoping to establish yourself in this particular area. Huntsville, by far, exceeds the national salary average for massage therapists by the largest degree.

  • Auburn: $56,000.00
  • Birmingham: $53,000.00
  • Huntsville: $65,000.00
  • Gulf Shores: $52,000.00
  • Mobile: $53,000.00
  • Montgomery: $55,000.00


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